Live from the SCWW Conference

Okay, so I finally made it to my hotel late last night and after a quick trip to the bar to settle my nerves I got a good nights sleep. I cannot tell everyone how excited I am to be attending an actual conference after the past few years of attempts to go and having things fall through.

I have already hung out with a lovely publisher at breakfast, and attending my first class. I think I’ve succeeded in the Business Causal outfit, and I have all my business cards ready to hand out at the first request. I am currently between sessions and just wanted to give a quick update.

Everyone here has be super nice and welcoming. I will say that it is mostly “mature” people but I’m not judging. I’ll talk to anyone who will listen. I have realized the toughest part is choosing which session you will attend and which ones you’ll have to skip. Ugh! I want to go to them all.

I’ll post more tonight with actual helpful info. But here’s my outfit to tide you over till then.

photo 1 photo 2


“What you should wear to a Conference”… or at least I think so.

I’m not going to act like some kind of fashion expert, half the time my pajamas double as my regular clothes (thank you yoga pants by the way), but I can do research and let other people who seem to know what they’re talking about tell me what to wear. And then share that with all you kind folks. Also, I may have never “actually” been to a conference, but I know people who have and I’ve grilled them and this is the low down that I’ve gleaned from the internet and those interviews.

BUSINESS CASUAL is the way to go. “But Cayce, what in the name of all that is holy IS business casual?” you may ask. Why thank you for asking. It’s what you would wear to a regular day at the office. Not high-powered attorney’s office, and not secretary at a lumber mill, but somewhere in between. What you may wear if you worked, say in an office that handles corporate billing. Think slacks, blouses and close toed shoes.

WEAR LAYERS is something else that I have been told. The temperature varies room to room at these conferences and you don’t want pit stains or chattering teeth. So go with a light blouse or tank top, paired with a ¬†cardigan or sweater. I like to add an accent scarf, and then if I get chilly I just wrap it around my shoulders. It looks pretty cool as well.

DON’T FORGET THE SHOES Those super high heels may be rockin’ it at the club but they are not doing you any favors at a conference. Feel free to have fun with your foot wear but be practical, comfortable, and polished. No one wants to see your smelly gym shoes next to them for an hour during a class. I’m just saying. I gravitate toward closed-toe, because I think it looks more professional, but I don’t think it’s much of a rule. Just try to keep it classy people.

PROFESSIONAL that means if you don’t think you’d be comfortable wearing that to work then please don’t wear it here. This is not the time to express yourself with a low-cut tank or tights for pants. By the way, pet peeve, tights are NOT pants. If they were they would be called pants and not tights. They are meant to go under things like dresses and long sweaters. Sorry, I digress, you want to be treated and thought of as a professional so please dress like one. Let your creativity show through your writing.

BRANDING Now this is just something I plan on doing and isn’t a rule by any means but I am hoping to find a scarf and other accessories the same color (or close enough) as my business cards and this blog. Think of it this way, when two agents are talking about you (because they totally will because you are awesome) and they can’t recall your name right away what do you want them to remember about you? I can be, “You know, the girl with the blue scarf” or something to that effect. Also I think it makes you seem more polished and together subconsciously and they may not even put it together but I think it will stick in their minds and help make you more memorable.

EVERY CONFERENCE IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT The conference I am attending in a few days (Yikes!) is at the beach. It is a mid-sized conference and from what I’ve been told more on the casual side. The larger ones in NYC tend to be a bit more dressed up, and the smaller one’s in Tennessee tend to be more dressed down. So take that into consideration when you plan your outfits. One of the outfits I posted below is very casual but I still have it as a maybe because of the comfort level and stylish look.

Here are a few outfits I’m going to keep in mind whilst I shop this week. As well as a link to my Pinterest board dedicated specifically to conference wear. I hope this helped you in some small way, and remember take all this advice (as well as all other advice) with a grain of salt. Do what makes you comfortable and makes you “You”

Here’s the link to my Pinterest Board:

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