Writer’s Digest Bootcamp

I am currently attending a bootcamp offered by Writer’s Digest (love them!) and thought I’d share it. This one is closed but they offer many, many more that happen all the time. I’m sure it’ll be easy to find one that applies to whatever stage of writing you may be wallowing through.


Basically this one works like this: You watch a previously recorded tutorial online, then spend the next two days revising (or creating) your query letter, synopsis, and tightening your first ten pages. You have access to a honest to goodness literary agent, for two hours each day, to answer any questions you may have. Finally you submit your pages to said agent and they in turn give you a critique of your pages with in the next ten days. Done and done. Some people even get offers of representation going this route but I wouldn’t suggest making that your go to plan. It’s really insightful and everyone has always been very respectful and kind. Just another tool to add to your bag of tricks.


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