In the beginning

In the beginning there was just me, at my kitchen table. My husband was deployed, I only had three girls at that time, and I got the idea for a book. So I started writing it. Having no idea how books got published, or what the process was like I focused on the writing and turns out, I was pretty good. I sent a few chapters at a time to my husband in Iraq, I dove into the writing world. To outline, not to outline; should I write on Office Word or Mac Pages; does my character have an arc, is my grammar really that bad, and how the hell am I suppose to afford a conference. Well I survived, I gathered quite a bit of wonderful advice and I finished my novel. Three years, two more kids, and 2 moves later, I actually did it. Yay me! Right? Then I realized I get to edit the damn thing.

Now I am trudging through the world of webinars, tutorials, conferences, editing, elevator pitches, queries, and God help me, rejection. So here’s were you come in. You, my (hopefully) loyal readers, get to watch me soar, fail and everything in between. I will be posting helpful articles about writing, where I’m at in my process, what I’m learning from classes, live conference updates, and even my, sigh, rejections. I’m going for transparency and hoping that this will help others along their own path to publishing success. Here goes nothing!


One thought on “In the beginning

  1. Here goes everything. You will do just fine. Count me in and I look forward to seeing what you are up too.


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